At RightNOW Women PAC, we have one goal – to get more Republican women elected to office.

Often the steepest hurdle for many women running for office is fundraising. RightNOW Women PAC offers a way for people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds to financially support the courageous women who are stepping up to run. And we need your support.

To involve more young men and women, we are proud to offer a Founder Membership for $119 a year to all supporters age 39 and under. For those age 40 and up or for anyone who wishes to support us at a higher level, we offer our Advisor Membership for $1019 a year. Memberships renew on January 1st of each calendar year, so join early to enjoy the full benefits.

 Benefits include:

  • Your name listed on RightNOW Women PAC event signage and promotion throughout the year to demonstrate your commitment to our mission to elect more women to office.
  • Knowledge that your donations go directly to help Republican women candidates.
  • Opportunities to network with other RightNOW Women PAC supporters and special guests

Throughout the year, RightNOW Women PAC will host both signature events (ticketed) and offer other member-exclusive events (free). Ticketed events allow us to bring attention to our mission and provide premier networking opportunities while covering the events costs. Remember, as a Founder or Advisor, your name will be included as a supporter for all signature events!

RightNOW Women PAC has two levels of membership. Please click on the levels below to learn more about the benefits of being a Founder or Advisor:


Founder Level (Age 39 and under)

Become a Founder Member by clicking here


Advisor Level (Age 40 and over)

Become an Advisor Member by clicking here

Thank you to our 2017 Founders:

Katie Abrames
Amy Acuff
Libby Bish
Elizabeth Bradley
Elizabeth Brooks
Rebecca Burgess
Amanda Mertens Campbell
Ashley Carter
Amy Childers
Renee Courtland
Alexandria Delano
Allison Dembeck
Denise DeMichele-Bailin
Valerie Dowling
Stephanie Fischer
Erin Gaide
Mary Goldsmith
Meredith Good-Cohn
Christina Goodlander
Amalia Halikias
Lucas Hatzis
Nan Hayworth
Julie Herrera
Alyson Higgins
Jennifer Higgins
Grace Hilliard
Rachel Jones
Ariel Judah
Fara Klein
Stephanie Kundert
Bomin Kwon
Piper Largent
Catherine Lenz
Brittany Lindberg
Larissa Martinez
Brittany Mountjoy
Casey Murphy
Alyssa Palisi
Brent Perrin
Charlotte Pineda
Rebecca Posey
Melissa Richmond
Elizabeth Rojas Levi
Marie Sanderson
Jean Schindler
Allison Schneider
Rina Shah Bharara
E. Blair Shipp
Lindsay Shuba Donnelly
Laura Siegrist
Kathleen Slattery
Leah Svoboda
Anne-Wesley Teague
Lisa Thompson
Kailee Tkacz
Ryan Triplette
Katie Troller Bond
Whitney VanMeter
Tiffany Waddell
Alexa Waker
Serena Washington
Jennifer Ashton Wilder
Gail Wilson
Rachel Wolbers
Libby Wuller
Gena Zak

Thank you to our 2017 Advisors:

Sue Andes
Constance Barker
Andrea Bottner
April Canter
Marlene Colucci
Lisa Costello
Laura Cox Kaplan
Lee Dunn
Peggy Ellis
Lisa Gable
Joyce Gates
Shelley Hymes
Anita McBride
Lauren Maddox
Lisa Nelson
Patty Stolnacker Koch
Sandra Swirski
Todd Wallker
Molly Wilkinson
Sue Zoldak