What is RightNOW Women PAC?


RightNOW Women PAC is a newly formed PAC focused on increasing the number of elected Republican women to federal office through direct PAC contributions as well as grassroots support. RightNOW Women PAC will focus on engaging younger women to support female candidates through low dollar, high volume fundraising events and grassroots engagement. RightNOW Women PAC will also engage more senior women as advisors to provide financial support and candidate advice.

Why was RightNOW Women PAC formed?


Though RightNOW Women PAC is a new organization, many of those involved in the PAC’s launch first got together in the 1990’s to engage more young women in politics. After the 2012 Presidential election, it became clear that to win more seats in 2014, we would need to increase our efforts to more directly impact center-right candidates and causes.

As we have seen recently in the Virginia Gubernatorial and the 2012 Presidential elections, Republicans are not winning the women’s vote, particularly unmarried women under 30 where we lost to President Obama by 18 percent. One of the ways to combat this is to increase the number of Republican women holding elected office. Currently Republican women only hold 19 of 234 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and four seats in the U.S. Senate.

To accomplish this mission, RightNOW Women PAC intends to:

  • Launch a new PAC called RightNOW Women PAC to support and endorse qualified, viable Republican female candidates for federal office.  There will be two levels of participation:  a founder level focused on younger women and an advisory level.
  • Expand our membership throughout the United States and build that list.  We will communicate our endorsements and seek critical resources for women selected by RightNOW Women PAC who are running for elected office.
  • Inform our membership and others about key issues and encourage their participation in the public policy arena.
  • Mobilize members to vote on Election Day for our candidates and encourage them to persuade their friends and neighbors to do the same.  We will accomplish these goals through a rigorous and targeted social media effort.

How are we different from other women’s efforts?


RightNOW Women PAC shares the same goal as other efforts, to support qualified, viable Republican women in their efforts to get elected to federal office. There are many credible groups that share our goal and each has chosen a unique way of achieving success. We believe that working together wherever legally possible, will ultimately benefit our shared mission. We are here to compliment efforts of the other organizations.

What are the expectations of the PAC Founders and PAC Advisors?


RightNOW Women PAC Founders (women age 39 or under) will each donate $100, serve as a host for each fundraiser and get at least five women/men to attend each fundraising event.

RightNOW Women PAC Platinum Advisors (women 40+) will help us launch and fund the PAC by agreeing to write or raise $5,000 during the 2014 election cycle. The Platinum Advisors will be eligible to be selected for the PAC Board. They will be asked to recruit other women at both levels and provide strategic political advice on the selection of candidates to support.

RightNOW Women Gold Advisors (women 40+) will help us launch and fund the PAC by agreeing to write or raise $2500 during the 2014 election cycle. They will be listed on promotional materials and fundraisers.

Anyone can support the PAC without being a member of either category.