RightNOW Women PAC 2017 Board and Committees

In our continued effort to grow our organization, we have chosen a very strong 2017 Board and Committee Chairs to lead RightNOW Women PAC.

RightNOW Women PAC 2017 Board

Jenn Higgins, Chair

Tiffany Waddell, Vice Chair

Libby Wuller, Secretary

Patty Stolnacker Koch, Treasurer

Elizabeth Rojas-Levi, Chief Strategy Officer

Shelley Hymes, Advisor at Large

Marlene Colucci and Brittany Thune, Immediate Past Chairs


  • Lisa Nelson and Anita McBride, Co-Chairs
  • Responsible for determining RNWP contributions and provide strategic political advice on the selection of candidates to support.

Candidate Research and Engagement

  • Kelley Raymond and Rina Shah, Co-Chairs
  • Ebonique Ellis, Candidate Training Program
  • candidateresearch@rightnowwomen.org 
  • Responsible for researching candidates for support, facilitating meetings with candidates, and presenting information to Steering Committee.


  • Sue Zoldak and Walter Torres, Co-Chairs
  • communications@rightnowwomen.org 
  • Responsible for leading our marketing, communications, and social media outreach and efforts.


  • April Canter and Libby Bish, Co-Chairs
  • events@rightnowwomen.org 
  • Responsible for planning and executing all RNWP events.  


Membership and Volunteers

Congressional VIP Outreach

  • Andi Bottner and Elizabeth Brooks, Co-Chairs
  • vipoutreach@rightnowwomen.org 
  • Responsible for establishing relationships between RNWP and Members of Congress; securing VIP member attendance at RNWP events.

Interested in getting involved with a specific committee? Please contact the respective committee chair if you would like to get more involved in our organization—we’d love to have you!

Or, use the form below to send us a question and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.