Red Alert Politics: GOP looks to solve gender problems by encouraging women to run for office

Red Alert Politics 
By Francesca Chambers 
January 31, 2014

Looking at the GOP’s recent record, it’s really no wonder why women overwhelmingly voted to reelect Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election.

Between the epidemic of foot-in-mouth disease plaguing conservative, male politicians, the Republican Party’s weak slate of female candidates and the national party headquarters’ unwillingness to invest large sums in women’s outreach, the GOP practically handed women over to the Democratic Party in 2012 on a bedazzled platter.


It would be easy enough for the GOP to write off women’s overwhelming support of Obama as par for the course given that the Democratic Party has been winning the female gender for the past 20 years. The last time a Republican presidential candidate won the women’s vote was in 1988, when George. H. W. Bush won 50 percent of this demographic to Michael Dukakis’ 49 percent.

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