RightNOW Women PAC Endorses Dr. Monica Wehby


May 19, 2014    

Media Contact: Alison Dye 202-264-0250

WASHINGTON - RightNOW Women PAC today announced their support for Dr. Monica Wehby in her campaign to represent Oregon in the U.S. Senate. The endorsement comes with a pre-primary check from the PAC. Wehby’s primary is tomorrow.

“Showing Dr. Wehby our support before her primary is important to us because she is exactly the kind of Republican woman who we know can make a difference in Washington, D.C.,” said RightNOW PAC founder Brittany Thune. “We’re looking forward to giving Dr. Wehby our full support, all the way to the general election.” 

“Dr. Wehby is an outstanding candidate with the right priorities – namely, job creation and achieving a patient-centered, market-based approach to healthcare,” said RightNOW Women advisor Marlene Colucci. “We believe she will be a force to be reckoned with in the U.S. Senate.”

RIghtNOW Women provides young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s an opportunity to become politically engaged by supporting qualified women to federal office. As an all-volunteer organization, RightNOW Women seeks to complement other like-minded organizations by developing a national grassroots movement, connected through social media. 

For more information please follow the RightNow Women PAC on Twitter (@RightNowWomen) and on Facebook or visit http://www.rightnowwomen.org

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RightNOW Women PAC Hosts Second Major Event, Launches Candidate Interview Series


April 29, 2014

Media Contact: Marcie Kinzel  202-320-7275 

WASHINGTON - RightNOW Woman PAC is hosting their second major fundraising event this evening, where organizers will announce the launch of a candidate interview series that will provide a distinctive way to learn more about RightNOW Women PAC’s endorsed candidates.

Tonight’s event, hosted at DLA Piper, features a “Spring Derby” theme. Guests are being encouraged to “pony up,” wear hats, sip mint juleps, play tailgate toss games and place “bets” on fundraising teams. Winners will receive roses at the event.

“There are so many fundraisers for Washingtonians to choose from, so we’re challenging ourselves to keep our events fresh, fun and ultimately feature moments that will appeal to all generations of both men and women,” said RightNOW Women PAC Advisor Marlene Colucci. “If you’re a younger supporter, you can come to this event for just $25 - this is our way of making sure that younger activists can get involved in electing more Republican women to Congress.”

The launch of the the PAC’s candidate interview series will coincide with tonights’ event, with the first interview to be posted on the RightNOW Women PAC website at 6:30 p.m. The Q & A with Tricia Pridemore (running for GA-11) will feature Tricia’s views on topics including the biggest challenges facing young women in America today, what it means to be a Republican woman, and Tricia’s top beauty tip for a long day on the campaign trail. Readers might be surprised to find out what Tricia thinks is an “ideal Friday night” and by who some of her role models are.

“The interviews were inspired by those featuring celebrities in women’s magazines,” explained RightNOW Women PAC Founder Brittany Thune Lindberg. “This approach will give supporters and voters a chance to get to know these candidates on a more human level, and we think it’s important for younger women, in particular, to get to know these leaders as women, not just as politicians.”

Interviews will be promoted exclusively through social media and found only on the RightNOW Women PAC website.

For more information please visit http://www.rightnowwomen.org.

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Nashua Telegraph: More women in public office would be better for country

Nashua Telegraph 
Alyson Higgins 
February 16, 2014 

After witnessing the frustrating gridlock in Congress in 2013, many Americans are wondering what 2014 will bring. Election season is upon us and electing new blood to Congress will help this country get back on track. Electing women in particular, will change the way Congress operates and will help Congress be more representative of the U.S. population.

Growing up in southern New Hampshire, I did not fully understand the powerful voice our state has in United States politics. It wasn’t until my junior year at Salem High School, when I had the chance to job-shadow then-Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, that I really became interested in public service. Sen. Ayotte inspired me to think not just about “what I wanted to be when I grew up,” but rather, “what problem I want to solve.” As I’ve started my career in the political world, I have realized first and foremost that actions speak louder than words. This was exemplified when the women of the Senate took the necessary steps to end the government shutdown this past October.


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Red Alert Politics: GOP looks to solve gender problems by encouraging women to run for office

Red Alert Politics 
By Francesca Chambers 
January 31, 2014

Looking at the GOP’s recent record, it’s really no wonder why women overwhelmingly voted to reelect Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election.

Between the epidemic of foot-in-mouth disease plaguing conservative, male politicians, the Republican Party’s weak slate of female candidates and the national party headquarters’ unwillingness to invest large sums in women’s outreach, the GOP practically handed women over to the Democratic Party in 2012 on a bedazzled platter.

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Bloomberg: Republican Women Challenging Gender Gap

By Stephanie Green 
January 15, 2014

Taking in a crowd of 400 young women, mostly twenty-and thirty-somethings, packed into a room on Capitol Hill last night, House Speaker John Boehner said: “No one would have ever believed this was a young Republican women’s event.”

This was his way of acknowledging a concern for Republicans heading into the 2014 midterm congressional elections: The gender gap, especially among so-called “Sex and the City voters,” unmarried, professionals under 40.

“I’m glad they’re here,” he said.

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POLITICO: GOP PAC Targets Young Women Voters

By Andrea Drusch
January 14, 2014

Sen. Kelly Ayotte says a new Republican women’s political action committee is “Democrats’ worst nightmare.”

Surrounded in a room full of 400 people, primarily young women, Ayotte gave the keynote address at the launch party of RightNOW Women PAC on Tuesday night.

The new political action committee is the brainchild of former George W. Bush aide Marlene Colucci, formed to address what she sees as a dire disconnect between the Republican Party and female voters.

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