• Senior Advisor-Level Membership for 2021:  $1000 

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2021 Senior Advisor-Level Membership Benefits: 

  • Complimentary ticket to all events in 2021
  • Access to meet & greets with Republican Congresswomen & Candidates
  • Professional networking and career development opportunities
  • Your name featured on RightNOW Women PAC website and materials

Original RightNOW Women PAC Advisors

Marlene Colucci, Jane Adams, Sara Bonjean, Mary Bono, Andi Bottner, Jean Card, Kellyanne Conway, Lisa Costello, Julie Cram, Maurie Dugger, Missy Edwards, Peggy Ellis, Joyce Gates, Juleanna Glover, Susan Hirschmann, Catie Horst, Shelley Hymes, Marcie Kinzel, Emily Lampkin, Anita McBride, Lisa Camooso Miller, Lisa Nelson, Stephanie Polis, Karen Diebel Sessions, and Patty Stolnacker-Koch