2017 Founder Membership – For women and men under the age of 40 who give $117

Being a RightNOW Women PAC (RNWP) Member demonstrates your commitment to our mission to elect more women to office.

Benefits include: 

  • Name recognition on all RNWP event materials and website in 2017
  • Access to free member-exclusive events
  • Access to ticketed events including policy roundtables and candidate meetings
  • Networking and career development opportunities through events, happy hours, and seminars
  • Opportunity to serve on RNWP committees--Candidate Research, Communications, Events, Fundraising, Grassroots, Membership, and VIP Outreach
  • Knowledge that your Membership fee goes directly to help Republican women candidates

2017 RightNOW Women PAC Founders

Rina Shah Bharara, Ashley Carter, Mary Goldsmith, Meredith Good-Cohn, Ariel Judah, Catherine Lenz, Elizabeth Rojas Levi, Brittany Lindberg, Julie Mulvee, Rebecca Posey, Marie Sanderson, Allison Schneider, Kathleen Slattery, Ryan Triplette, Serena Washington, Rachel Wolbers 

Original RightNOW Women PAC Founders

Brittany Thune Lindberg, Anjulen Anderson, Haley Akins, Bethany Aronhalt, Emily Benavides, Libby Bish, Megan Bloomgren, Avery Boggs, Kirsten Borman, Sharon Castillo, Amy Childers, Emily Cooper, Renee Courtland, Dianna Dunne, Alison Dye, Ebonique Ellis, Katherine Emerson, Renee Farmer, Mary-Margaret Hasslocher, Katie Hays, Jerri Ann Henry, Aly Higgins, Jenn Higgins, Loren Hoekstra, Courtney Johnson, Alexandra Khalife, Anne Kolton, Kirsten Kvalsten, Kelli Kedis Ogborn, Anne Marie Malecha, Lindsey Mask, Barbara Merola, Nicole Rodgers, Elizabeth Rojas, Elle Rollings, Allie Ryan, Stephanie Salvagno, Vanessa Sinders, Maggie Snipes, Colleen Spitz, Sara Steele, Jennifer Swenson, Anne-Wesley Teague, Jessica Teague, Kirstie Tucker, Tiffany Waddell, and Lyndsey Walters

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